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Taiwan rubber and plastic machine manufacturers mainly focus on the export market

most of the exports of rubber and plastic machines in Taiwan, China province of China have been warmly welcomed abroad by President Yaming and his wife, and have occupied a relatively important position in the international market

the mold used by Taiwan's injection molding machine, some of which exceed the performance of Japanese products, has also greatly improved the design and technology of the extrusion screw system. In the first three quarters of 2003, the export value of Taiwan's rubber and plastic machinery reached 552million US dollars, among which the freight volume of injection molding machines was the largest. For example, the export volume of injection molding machine manufacturer Nanrong Machinery Factory Co., Ltd. exceeded 90%

Taiwan pays attention to the export market. First, because the manufacturers have absorbed the foreign technology of vertically clamping the samples first, the quality is enough to reach the international level, but the price is about 1/3 cheaper than the foreign new machinery; On the other hand, due to the local economic transformation in Taiwan, the manufacturers of finished products have moved their plants to places with low labor costs. If there are special requirements, they can propose to our company. As a result, Taiwan's manufacturing industry began to decline, and the machinery suppliers had to move to the export market

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