The hottest rubber in Hainan has great development

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Recently, Wang Yixin, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of Hainan agricultural reclamation Group Co., Ltd., believed that Hainan rubber has great development potential, and the current stock price has deviated from the intrinsic value of the company. Hainan agricultural reclamation further held Hainan rubber, resulting in uncertainty of accuracy. After the lifting of the ban on restricted shares of rubber, it will continue to hold firmly. If the share price deviates from the value of the company for a long time, major shareholders do not rule out the possibility of increasing their holdings

although the company's profit fell sharply, the company's rubber sales increased significantly. The semi annual report showed that the company achieved 153700 tons of rubber products, an increase of 30.70% year-on-year. This means that the trend that China is the largest consumer of natural rubber has not changed, and the strong industrial foundation of Hainan rubber has not changed

as the largest natural rubber resource control enterprise in China, Hainan rubber is often encountered with diseases because of "living by selling primary raw materials and low added value of products". In September, China Pharmaceutical Group inspected the relevant industries and enterprises of Nongken group, and the two sides subsequently signed a cooperation agreement. In October, the first 200000 medical gloves of Hainan rubber entered the national pharmaceutical sales company, whose headquarters are located in Xiamen Department. On November 6, China National Chemical Corporation and Hainan Provincial Agricultural Reclamation Group signed the "cooperation agreement on rubber tire business" and the "strategic cooperation framework agreement between China National Chemical Corporation and Hainan Provincial Agricultural Reclamation group company not to smear too much butter" in Beijing. The two sides will work together to promote the high-level transformation of natural rubber from primary planting and production to intensive processing and operation

at the same time, Hainan rubber is becoming stronger and stronger in natural rubber resources control and voice. In 2009, Hainan rubber set up trading companies in Shanghai and Singapore respectively, and established trade cooperation relations with rubber production enterprises in Yunnan and Southeast Asia, which improved the control ability of rubber resources outside the island through trade. Since entering Yunnan in 2011, Hainan rubber has controlled several local rubber processing plants, controlling natural rubber resources of 80000 to 100000 tons, accounting for about 1/4 of the local natural rubber output. Hainan rubber also aims at Africa. However, new chemical materials is a real "high wealth and handsome" industry. Analysts believe that the above expansion will enable the company to achieve a breakthrough in the acquisition of non self produced rubber while the growth of self-produced rubber is relatively slow, and ensure the future development of the company from the source of the rubber industry chain

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