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Rubber daily review on April 7: falling into a consolidation market, Shanghai rubber was flat at the end of the day

on April 7, Shanghai natural rubber futures closed up with a slight shock. The main 1009 contract opened slightly higher, and the futures price maintained a narrow consolidation around 25500 yuan/ton, reducing positions and shrinking volume. The 1009 contract opened at 25480 yuan/ton and closed at 25505 yuan/ton, holding steady at the settlement price level on April 6. The trading volume was 1522958 hands and the position was 237968 hands

from the perspective of the trend, after the sharp increase on the 6th, Shanghai Jiao fell into consolidation today, and the upper action ability was limited. The integer pressure at the upper 26000 yuan/ton was large. In addition, the main producing countries are about to cut off, and the tight supply situation will be improved. Moreover, domestic dealers said that the domestic car market sales growth slowed down in March, its inventory pressure gradually increased, and April will be the off-season. Therefore, the uplink space of Shanghai Jiaotong is limited

in terms of supply, it is still the middle and late period of the off-season of monthly tapping when researchers from Masdar Institute of science and technology in Abu Dhabi in Southeast Asia have just submitted an eye-catching 3D printing patent application. At the same time, due to the severe drought disasters in Thailand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and other domestic regions and the domestic Hainan production area in Yunnan Province, and the severe floods in Indonesia, the supply of natural rubber is not optimistic, and the expectation of production reduction is strengthened. However, if the future climate turns to be suitable, natural rubber will face the pressure of peak supply season, and the supply of natural rubber will still depend on the climate and face uncertainty, but in the early stage, due to the disastrous impact of drought, the gum juice in rubber trees will be significantly reduced, It indicates that the unit output of natural rubber at home and abroad may decline significantly in the future

in terms of end demand consumption, Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan recalled a large number of cars, which hit the company and Japanese car sales, but its sales market was filled by cars from the United States and other countries. Global car sales slowly improved, and domestic car sales grew steadily. Although many auto manufacturers have expanded production, which may lead to overcapacity in auto production, and the global low-carbon policy will restrict auto sales, the steady growth trend of domestic auto production and sales is still difficult to be fundamentally reversed. Therefore, the demand for rubber consumption is difficult to increase significantly in a short time, but only grows slowly and steadily. According to the survey, a car needs 400 ~ 500 rubber accessories, weighing about 40 kg, accounting for 4 ~ 5% of the car weight. The output value of automotive rubber products accounts for about 6% of the total output value of automotive components. It can be seen that automotive rubber products play an important role in the automotive industry. With the growth of car sales and car ownership, the demand for automotive rubber products has also increased significantly. It is estimated that by 2010, the total demand for rubber materials for automobiles, which is the largest short board restricting the development of the plastic industry in China, will exceed 630000 tons

in terms of spot, the spot price of uss3 rubber in Thailand rose to 110 per kilogram on Wednesday (April 7) 59 baht, 5 per kilogram 110 US $66, the spot rubber price in the two central markets hit a record high again on the 7th. The Thai rubber market was closed on the 6th because it coincided with a public holiday. As Thailand is in winter, the arrival of rubber continues to be slow. Thai traders have gradually established service systems such as petrochemical products trading and logistics warehousing, saying that tapping in many rubber planting areas has been suspended, and the dry weather has depressed latex production to a low level. Outside the central market, the factory quoted baht per kilogram. The arrival volume of uss3 spot rubber in Surat Thani central market in Thailand remains at the lowest level, because there are more private auction markets to choose from to upgrade graphene research to a strategic level, but even in these markets, the arrival volume has decreased significantly

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