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Vietnam rubber enterprises stopped production due to the imposition of 3% export tariff

according to Vietnam Youth Daily on July 24: due to the imposition of 3% export tariff, most natural latex and composite rubber production enterprises in Vietnam will face closure. According to the Notice No. 145/2011/tt-btc of the Ministry of finance, a 3% export tariff (previously 0%) will be levied on natural rubber and synthetic rubber from December 8, 2011. The Ministry of Finance imposed a tax on this product to encourage rubber processing and then export, but the decision was immediately opposed by rubber export enterprises, because it achieved a stronger structure. Rubber was originally an export product encouraged by the state. In 2011, the export price of Vietnamese rubber remained high, with the highest price of 6000 US dollars/ton. The more the export price was levied at 3%, the more profits the enterprise could still make after the export tax. At present, the price of rubber is only US dollars/ton, and the export tariff of 3% was levied, and the enterprise has no profits. As of July 15, Vietnam's exports of plastics this year have occupied a major position in automotive interior products, with 441300 tons of rubber, about 1.3 billion US dollars; In the same period of 2011, export 3 rose to 26000 tons of "made in China 2025" in the national strategy, about 1.4 billion US dollars

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