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Shanghai supports the new material industry and has great potential for tapping high nickel cathode materials

at the briefing of the China International Industrial Expo on the afternoon of the 22nd, Wu Jincheng, deputy director of the Shanghai Municipal Commission of economy and information technology, and other relevant leaders introduced that under a series of support policies of the national induction mode: pressure converter and Shanghai, Shanghai's new material industry is moving towards large-scale and intensive development; Next, Shanghai will continue to support the new material industry from four aspects

Shanghai will continue to strengthen the supporting capacity of key materials in key industrial clusters such as integrated circuits, automobiles, aviation, high-end equipment, etc. In the field of new energy vehicles, the technical route of ternary power battery is determined, and the growth rate is expected to exceed 60% in the next three years. High nickel power batteries have been recognized by the international market, and domestic high nickel power batteries will usher in an explosion. High nickel cathode materials benefit the most. As the core material of batteries, cathode materials will continue to benefit in the future. The technology of cathode materials is still in the stage of continuous evolution and has great potential

Shanghai will start from four aspects in supporting the field of new materials. Specifically, first, it will focus on the three directions of subdividing "cutting-edge materials, key materials and basic materials", and each will focus on classification and implementation; Second, we will support the construction of four major technology platforms, including the manufacturing innovation center in the field of materials, the three-year development and transformation function platform, the new material testing and evaluation platform, and the new material production and application demonstration platform, so as to strengthen the transformation capacity of new material achievements; The third is to build two service platforms, namely, the industrial chain docking platform and the new material exhibition of the ICIF, to strengthen industrial docking services; Fourth, comprehensively apply the first batch of new materials, strong industrial base, major project services, talent base construction, new materials industry fund and other policies and measures to optimize the industrial development environment

as the most valuable and technically difficult component of new energy vehicles, power batteries are the real power source for the continuous progress of power batteries through the technological transformation of new materials upstream of batteries and the cooperation with advanced design and manufacturing methods. The global nickel supply and demand is tight, the expansion of stainless steel and the application of nickel batteries are expected to be better on the demand side, and the increment on the supply side is difficult to obtain. The supply and demand pattern has laid a bullish foundation for the general direction of prices. If the stress continues to increase to point C, it will remain unchanged. Driven by demand, high nickel ternary materials will play a prominent role in the field of new materials

with the support of policies, the new material industry will continue to open up growth space. The listed companies related to the A-share market, such as dangsheng Technology (), Shanshan shares (), Yiwei lithium energy (), and xinzhoubang (), deserve attention

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