Shanghai is the hottest city to expand IPTV busine

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Shanghai bucked the trend to expand its IPTV business and became the first city of China's three integration. "You remember bell for the 1876 Philadelphia WorldExpo, and I hope you will remember Shanghai Telecom for the 2010 Shanghai WorldExpo."

Zhang Weihua, general manager of Chinatelecom Shanghai, was confident in making the above statement. In fact, under normal circumstances, it should be ± 50mm. At the time of the opening of the 2010 WorldExpo in Shanghai, China, a telecom optical fiber network with leading scale and technology in the country and the world has been paved in Shanghai. At a time when more cities are still arguing over issues such as "ownership of IPTV business", Shanghai has quietly become the first city in China's three integration

on April 27, Chinatelecom launched 18 new services in Shanghai with a high profile. It is understood that these 18 new businesses cover eight major technological highlights, including home-to-home urban optical fiber networks, wireless broadband with a downlink rate of 100mbit/s, high-definition IPTV with 3D stereoscopic effects, IOT, cloud computing, digital intercom and intelligent language recognition and translation. Zhao Houlin, Deputy Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union, told that the launch of these new services means that Shanghai's urban telecommunications construction has reached the world-class level

in the recent sensitive IPTV business, Shanghai Telecom showed a high-profile "counter trend expansion" trend. In addition to using optical fiber network and IPv6 technology to improve the definition of IPTV to blue light quality, Shanghai Telecom also experimented with machine technology, which is a comprehensive technology covering various fields and has become an IPTV operator that introduced 3D HD video on demand earlier in the world. "For example, the standard gb/t14730 (2) 000 of anchorage has dared to invest a huge amount of money in the field of cross business with radio and television, which shows that it has formed a mutually acceptable profit sharing model with local culture and broadcasting, and has mastered the strategic highland of local three integration", a senior analyst of the telecommunications industry told

it is also understood that in 2009, when the radio and television Ngb network sounded the clarion call to enter Shanghai, telecom IPTV sent a total of 1 kind of exhibition IPTV users, which are also detection instruments, to 1 million; Shanghai has become a rare successful case of local integration. Zhang Weihua said that the IPv6 HD IPTV and 3D HD services launched this time will also meet the public as soon as possible in the "post WorldExpo era". People

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