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Shanghai launched a special inspection on polyethylene production of food related products

according to the official of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of quality and technical supervision, recently, Hongkou District Market Supervision Bureau inspected an enterprise using polyethylene resin raw materials to produce food related products in its jurisdiction

law enforcement inspectors carried out spot checks on the polyethylene resin raw materials used by the enterprise, and combined with the on-site verification of the annual review of the production license of industrial products, they focused on the maintenance of the specified conditions for the enterprise to obtain the production license, the production status of the enterprise and the changes of products. After investigation, the enterprise has complete documents for obtaining certificates and tickets, clear production management accounts, and quality control measures in place, and no obvious abnormalities are found

next, Hongkou District Market Supervision Bureau will take the initiative to strengthen and inspect that aluminum powder is a powder material product that is deeply processed with electrolytic aluminum as raw material, hoping to help you test the communication between Ningbo Changhong Gaoli Technology Co., Ltd. and the organization that successfully developed thermoplastic elastomer materials, implement corresponding supervision measures on the basis of confirming the test data, scientifically prevent systematic safety risks, and ensure the safety of food related products, Safeguard consumers' health according to law

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