Shanghai is the hottest city to draft glass curtai

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According to the report of labor daily, Shanghai may have become one of the cities with the largest number of glass curtain wall buildings in the world since the first use of glass curtain walls in Lianyi building in 1984. At the special inspection of members of the municipal CPPCC held yesterday, it was reported that the city was drafting management measures related to glass curtain walls, which would prohibit the use of kindergartens, nursing homes and other special places, and control the total amount

glass self explosion occurs from time to time

yesterday morning, the committee members and their party first came to the Times financial center in Pudong. This year, there have been two consecutive dangerous cases of glass self explosion here, one of which caused damage to many cars in the surrounding parking lot. Baijunping, chairman of Shanghai diweihang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd., who is responsible for the property of the building, said that the glass curtain wall area of the Times financial center is 3. 80000 square meters, a total of 2. 40000 pieces, 115 of which have exploded since its completion, accounting for 4 per 1000. About 79. He said that this figure is currently below international standards. However, such a statement attracted members' discussion. "This phenomenon can be allowed if it is not below the standard." Zhang Lijun said. Committee member Tu Haiming believed that the design unit should be investigated for such an accident

according to statistics, there are 20579 high-rise buildings with more than 8 floors in the city, including 0.2~0.70 buildings with 98 nucleating agents with more than 30 floors. It should be noted that there are 2633 buildings with glass curtain walls Host size: about 950*350*370mm, of which high-rise buildings account for about 56%. "Although the glass curtain wall has the advantages of light weight, transparency and beauty, heat insulation and energy saving, it also has defects such as serious light pollution, poor noise reduction effect, short quality assurance period and service life." Huangyongping, deputy director of the municipal housing security and Housing Administration Bureau, said that the service life of glass curtain walls is 25 years, of which the shelf life of structural adhesive is 10 years. It is learned that after more than 20 years of construction, a considerable part of the high-rise and curtain wall buildings that are difficult to measure by conventional extension meters in the city have been built

formulate maintenance plan

it was learned from the meeting that at present, relevant departments are drafting management measures related to the management of glass curtain walls to control the use of glass curtain walls in more and more buildings. It is revealed that there will be a series of management systems for the early stage, construction stage and safe use stage of glass curtain wall construction. First of all, limit the total amount and type of planning in the project approval process. Glass curtain walls cannot be used in some special places, such as kindergartens, nursing homes, etc. At the same time, the integrated management of design and construction is implemented. It is preliminarily envisaged that the unit will implement a five-year warranty period for the glass curtain wall, because the burst rate in the first three years is the highest

in addition, in view of the over age of the existing glass curtain wall, we have summarized the service conditions of several common faults of the tensile testing machine. Shenxiaosu, deputy director of the municipal construction and Transportation Commission, said that the maintenance plan will be formulated through safety assessment and other methods

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